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35 Weight Watchers Chicken Recipes

Need to spice up your weekly meal prep? If so, this roundup of Weight Watchers chicken recipes should seriously help you out!

Since most of my recipes are focused around macros and flexible eating, I reached out for a little help putting this roundup together. You’ll find a mix of my recipes and recipes from nine other WW friendly food bloggers.

The roundup is divided into Smart Point totals, from 0 to 5 Smart Points (on the blue plan). The images in each section are in the same order of the recipe list, so you can put a recipe face with its name.

Weight Watchers Chicken Recipes with 0 Smart Points

weight watchers chicken recipes with 0 smart points

While I’m still familiarizing myself with the WW system, there seems to be a ton of free ingredients that are loaded with flavor. The recipes above are perfect examples of how you can add tons of volume and up the deliciousness factor of otherwise bland foods like chicken breast.

Update: My homemade chicken breakfast sausage patties and copycat Chick-Fil-A grilled nuggets both have 0 SmartPoints as well! 

Weight Watchers Chicken Recipes with 1 Smart Point

weight watchers chicken recipes with 1 smart point per serving

The chicken recipes in this section are great examples of how to use dry spices and low calorie ingredients like buffalo sauce or chipotle peppers to take chicken up a notch. You’ll also find links in the buffalo chicken bites recipe to cheeseburger bites and taco bites that can be made with ground chicken as well.

Update: My air fried sweet chili chicken meatballs, garlic parmesan air fryer chicken tenders, and ground chicken chorizo are three more great 1 Smart Point recipes!

Weight Watchers Chicken Recipes with 2 Smart Points

weight watchers chicken recipes with 2 smart points per serving

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely adding portobello mushrooms and pickle chicken ingredients to next week’s shopping list.

WW Chicken Recipes with 3 Smart Points

This section could be alternatively titled The Easiest Weight Watchers Chicken Recipes on the Block. I love Ed’s recipes and he’s a great Instagram follow.

Update: You have to try my BBQ Instant Pot Pulled Chicken and/or BBQ Chicken Meatballs. Both have 3 SmartPoints per serving and are two of my favorite recipes ever! 

Weight Watchers Chicken Recipes with 4 Smart Points

tomato orzo, buffalo chicken stuffed peppers, and Greek chicken with veggies

C’mon, pasta, biscuits, empanadas—all for 4 Smart Points. Get outta here.

Update: For a super easy one-pan recipe, check out my new Firecracker ground chicken. It’s as good as it sounds!

WW Chicken Recipes with 5 Smart Points

5 smart point chicken recipes

Similar to the pickle chicken and portobello mushrooms, I’ll be trying these bang bang nuggets ASAP.

Update: I’ve recently added Southern Rotisserie Chicken and Dumplings, Air Fryer Greek Chicken and Potatoes, and Nashville Hot Chicken Burgers to the 5 Smart Point gang. 

That’s a wrap! 

Thanks for reading. Hopefully you found a recipe or two worth trying. If you’re looking for another resource, I have a roundup of 25 Weight Watchers Breakfast Recipes with 5 Smart Points or Less.