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mason woodruff

Welcome to Kinda Healthy Recipes!

I’m Mason Woodruff, and I’ve been writing about fitness and food since finishing a nutrition degree in 2014. After working as a strength and nutrition coach, I realized cooking is a skill most fitness enthusiasts could use some help with. I’ve been creating recipes for home cooks ever since.

Check out some of my most popular recipe categories below or my Instagram and YouTube to get a feel for the Kinda Healthy way.

Popular Recipes

If you’re new around here, get started with some of my greatest hits.

Chicken Recipes

One of the most egg-onomical protein sources.

Pasta Recipes

Some say making macro friendly pasta dishes is a Mission Impastable. They’re incorrect.

Tacos & Tex-Mex

I picked up a thing or two during my four years living in Texas.

Recipe Roundups & Guides

Have a specific ingredient or piece of kitchen equipment in mind?