Spicy Bean and Bacon Soup

This bean and bacon soup is one of the easiest soup recipes you’ll find, and every bowl is loaded with flavor. If you’re a fan of jalapeño poppers and bean soup, you’re going to love this soup! 

And while this recipe shines in the simplicity and flavor departments, it holds its own nutritionally, too. One massive serving has 16 grams of protein, just 200 calories, and one Smart Point if you’re one of my Weight Watchers readers. 

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Bean and Bacon Soup Ingredients

I made it a point to get every ingredient from Walmart, which seems to be one of the more widely available grocery stores. That said, you always have the freedom to swap ingredients in and out of recipes. And the beauty of something like this bean and bacon soup recipe is it’s nearly impossible to mess it up.

bean and bacon soup on a spoon with a bowl topped with cheddar cheese in the background

The Broth and Bacon

The two ingredients you may have questions about are the vegan protein broth and chicken bacon. Obviously, if you wanted the dish to be completely vegan, you could use something like tofurkey bacon or a plant-based bacon substitute. I used the vegan protein broth for its fantastic macros creamier consistency than a plain chicken broth.

If you have trouble finding it or want to use regular vegetable or chicken broth, that should work fine. 

For the bacon, I used pre-cooked chicken bacon both for convenience and because Walmart didn’t have a center cut bacon without a high fat content. I love Private Selection’s (Kroger) center cut bacon if you can find it. You can see in the image below, it only has 4 grams of fat and 7 grams of protein per serving.

The only change you’ll need to make if you use raw bacon is cooking it first before adding the jalapeño peppers. Also, you could probably get away with using less bacon if you go with the center cut bacon. 

high protein bacon

Beyond the bacon and broth, the other ingredients are fairly straightforward. If you wanted to swap the beans for another type, have at it.

Don’t like corn? Leave it out. Want more spice? Leave the seeds in the jalapeños. 

Final Recipe Notes

If you wanted to add a bit of texture to your bean and bacon soup, check out my low calorie tortilla chips. You could cut them into strips like I did in my healthy taco salad recipe.

And speaking of tacos, you need to check out my Creamy Taco Soup and Chorizo and Chickpea Soup next! 

high protein taco soup recipe

Okay, that’s a wrap. If you try this bean and bacon soup, be sure to tag me in your re-creation on Instagram. I love seeing recipes in action, and I’ll be sure to share it with everyone!

bean and bacon soup on a spoon with a bowl topped with cheddar cheese in the background

Spicy Bean and Bacon Soup

Yield: 11 servings
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes

This simple soup combines jalapeño poppers and white bean soup to create flavor explosions in every bowl.


  • 4 C Vegan Protein Broth, or your choice of broth
  • 14 slices Bacon, diced (I used Al Fresco chicken bacon but any bacon will work)
  • 6 Jalapeño Peppers, deseeded and diced
  • 2 cans (15 oz) White Kidney Beans
  • 1 can (15 oz) Red Kidney Beans
  • 1 can (15 oz) Corn , drained
  • 1 packet Ranch Dip Seasoning
  • 8 oz Fat Free Cream Cheese, or 1/3 fat


  1. Remove the stems from the jalapeños, slice them vertically, and use a spoon to remove the seeds before dicing. Add the peppers to a large pot with nonstick cooking spray over medium-high heat. Cook until the peppers begin to soften, about 3-5 minutes.
  2. Dice the cooked bacon slices and add to the pot with the peppers after they're tender. (If you're using raw bacon, cook the bacon before adding the peppers.)
  3. Add the remaining ingredients except for the cream cheese. Bring to a soft boil, stirring often.
  4. Reduce the heat to low before stirring in the cream cheese. Continue to simmer until the cream cheese is fully incorporated and no lumps remain.
  5. Once the cream cheese is fully incorporated, remove from the heat and serve. 


  • Each serving has 1 Smart Point. 
  • With 1/3 fat cream cheese, each serving has 230 calories, 14 grams of protein, 30 grams of carbs, and 6 grams of fat. 

I originally created this spicy bean and bacon soup recipe for Stronger U, a nutrition coaching leader. They’ve helped more than 10,000 people lose over 100,000 pounds, and I recommend checking them out if you have any interest in working with a nutrition coach.

Nutrition Information:
Yield: 11 Serving Size: 1 C (260g)
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 200Total Fat: 2gUnsaturated Fat: 0gCarbohydrates: 30gProtein: 16g

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7 thoughts on “Spicy Bean and Bacon Soup”

  • This recipe came together so quickly! The cream cheese and ranch gives the broth a delicious and filling richness. Macros are so good I could eat 2 servings! Will definitely be making this again! It would be incredible with a low fat sausage added too.

  • This soup was delicious! Definitely felt like a cheat meal! The bacon!!! I mean seriously, it tastes like creamy bacon heaven. I absolutely love spicy foods and the first time I made it I put in 3 jalapeños without the seeds, it was good, but a bit too spicy, especially the next day after it sat in the fridge. Still amazing, I just added a tablespoon of fat free sour cream on top. I made it the second time with only 2 jalapeños and it was perfect! A must try for the winter!!

  • I have made this twice now and it has been a hit both times! The second time I wasnt able to find the protein broth and used chicken broth instead which worked out fine. I ended up used turkey bacon both times, and I felt like it made it a bit more salty than I would have liked. It also didnt crisp up quite like I would have liked, so I think trying to find the chicken bacon would be worth it!

  • I’ve made this several times before & absolutely love it. My question is- Can this be adapted to cook in the crockpot? Ifso, how?

    • I’m glad you’ve been enjoying it! For the crockpot, I’d throw everything but the cream cheese in and cook on low or keep warm for however long you need (nothing needs to fully cook). Then add the cream cheese about 20-30 minutes before you serve.

  • This is such a tasty and easy soup. You can impact the spice by how much you de-seed the jalapenos. Have someone in my life that hates nearly any spice and we make this work for both of us. Love Mason’s soup recipes!!!

  • My whole family is in love with this! I have made it so many times. Tonight I’m adding carrots and chicken to the mix

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