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30 Healthy Meal Prep Recipes for Lunch and Dinner

Meal prep is a hot topic in the world of fitness and healthy eating. While my job (developing new recipes) tends to alleviate the need for personally meal prepping, my wife-to-be still has an office job. So I’m well aware of how much stress a great meal prep recipe can curb. 

The 30 recipes on the list below are favorites of hers and the 10,000+ people in my Facebook group. One of the most common questions in the group tends to be about recipes that freeze/reheat well. So I’ve made sure to include recipes on this list that frequently come up in those threads. 

Lunch and Dinner Meal Prep Recipes

30 of my most popular and prep-friendly confirmed recipes ranging from proteins like bbq pulled pork, carnitas, and honey chipotle chicken to full meals like chicken fajita pasta bake, cheeseburger soup, and chicken 'n' dumplings.