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mason woodruff green beans

My Approach to Nutrition

This graphic was used in a nutrition seminar I gave last year and sums up my entire approach to nutrition for the most part. Since the seminar wasn’t recorded, I’ve expanded on a few points in the text below. The Takeaways Eating more “clean” and unprocessed foods should lead to a better micronutrient (vitamins/minerals) intake while simultaneously […]

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mason woodruff little rock trainer

The Best Way to Get Strong and Athletic Legs as a Beginner

Sure, the barbell squat and deadlift are superior exercises when it comes to developing strength, power, and building muscle. There’s only one problem with them – learning how. The squat and deadlift are both extremely technical, difficult to learn, and intimidating for most beginners. If you lack access to good coaching or resources for properly […]

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