Healthy Sausage Gravy

This healthy sausage gravy draws inspiration from southern-style country pepper gravy and turns boring ground chicken into a flavorful base for thick and creamy biscuit dressing. Unlike traditional sausage gravy, this healthy sausage gravy has nearly 5x more protein than fat! And if you pair it with my Greek yogurt biscuits, there’s no doubt you’ll be shredded by lunchtime. 

healthy sausage gravy on top of biscuits in a bowl

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How to Make the Sausage Gravy

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? My recent recipe for homemade chicken breakfast sausage has been a hit. So instead of making patties, this sausage gravy calls for the same sausage recipe crumbled. 

Can I get a yay for zero handling or making patties?  

ground chicken in a skillet before adding chicken breakfast sausage seasoning

Sausage note: If you don’t want to mix the spices for your own breakfast sausage, you could use reduced fat pork sausage like in my egg and chorizo breakfast casserole or maybe even pre-cooked turkey sausage crumbles like in my breakfast chili.

Aside from the chicken sausage, you’ll only need 4 additional ingredients—light butter, flour, white or black pepper, and skim milk (or any milk).

chicken sausage before and after adding the butter and flour

And that’s it. Cook the sausage, stir in the flour and pepper, then add milk and cook until you have thick, super savory healthy sausage gravy! 

reducing the milk to make the healthy sausage gravy

Making Healthy Biscuits and Gravy 

Like I mentioned in the intro, I used my Greek yogurt biscuits recipe to make gravy pillows. They are easy to make, buttery and fluffy, and have just 3 grams of fat each. 

If you go the Greek yogurt biscuits route, you may want to double the biscuit recipe to match the amount of gravy this recipe makes. And if you’d rather spend your saved calories on real-deal biscuits, I won’t judge you for it. 

And there are always options like the Carbquick biscuits I used in my hot honey oven baked chicken biscuits recipe. 

Greek yogurt biscuits with honey drizzled on top

Final Recipe Notes

Don’t sweat perfection in this recipe. It’s difficult to mess up. 

If your healthy sausage gravy is too thin, keep cooking over a low heat (or add a bit more flour). Or if it’s too thick, add a bit more milk. The gravy will continue to thicken as it cools so keep that in mind when serving. 

You can always season later. If you’re sensitive to spice, start with half the amount of pepper and add as needed when the gravy is ready. There’s even some wiggle room with the spices in the breakfast sausage recipe that I covered in the original sausage recipe.

Greek yogurt biscuits in a bowl with healthy sausage gravy

And finally, the 3 primary healthy sausage gravy ingredients have all kinds of wiggle room. Something like whole milk or adding a bit of butter will make the gravy even creamier. On the other hand, something like almond milk will reduce the calories even further but you may not need as much. 

The flour acts as a thickener and absorbs any remaining oil and fat in the pan before adding the milk. I haven’t tested any other flours, but my guess is they’d work just fine, too. 

What I’m trying to say is, it’s all gravy, baby. Have fun! 

biscuits cut in half in a bowl with healthy sausage gravy

Healthy Sausage Gravy

Yield: 8 servings
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes

A simple recipe for low fat, southern-style sausage gravy perfect for biscuits and gravy.


For the Breakfast Sausage

For the Gravy

  • 2 Tbsp (28g) Light Butter
  • 1/4 C (30g) All Purpose Flour
  • 1-2 tsp Ground White Pepper*
  • 3 C (720mL) Skim Milk, or your choice of milk


  1. Mix the spices for the breakfast sausage together in a small bowl while you heat a large skillet over medium-high heat.
  2. Add the ground chicken to the skillet, using a spatula to finely crumble. Add the spices about halfway through cooking, stirring until the chicken is evenly coated. Continue cooking until the chicken is fully cooked and crumbled.
  3. Reduce the heat to medium-low. Add the butter, flour, and white pepper to the chicken, stirring until no longer visible.
  4. Gradually add the milk and continue cooking for 8-10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the gravy thickens. Once the gravy is as thick as you'd like, reduce the heat to its lowest setting to keep warm. (If the gravy thickens too much as it cools, you can add a bit more milk.)


*You can use black pepper instead. The recipe originally called for a teaspoon of cajun seasoning, which is another great option.

Nutrition Facts Notes

  • Each serving of sausage gravy has 2 Smart Points.
  • Nutrition facts do not include carbs from Swerve Brown. If you're using real brown sugar or track the carbs for zero-calorie sweeteners, each serving has 10 grams of carbs. 
  • Nutrition Information:
    Yield: 8 Servings Serving Size: 1/2 C (125g)
    Amount Per Serving: Calories: 120Total Fat: 4gCarbohydrates: 7gProtein: 17g

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    24 thoughts on “Healthy Sausage Gravy”

    • I’ve never tried a healthier version of sausage gravy before so I had no idea what to expect going into this recipe. I’ve been counting macros with Stronger U and when biscuits and gravy became an option there was no longer an option! This is great! I love biscuits and gravy and this gravy doesn’t feel like any kind of compromise! It’s rich and flavorful and I’ll for sure be making it again. I did use real brown sugar as I can’t use artificial sweeteners for a variety of reasons but the additional carbs were not drastic. This recipe (and the biscuits) is a winner!

    • I grew up on sausage gravy and biscuits. It was sort of a contest between my parents on who could make it better! This sausage gravy is ridiculously scrumptious – especially on top of the healthy Greek yogurt biscuits. Ah-mazing!!! One note – the gravy is a tad on the spicier side so if you don’t like peppery or spicy cut back on the black pepper and red pepper flakes. I personally love that Mason is so spice fearless!! 😁

    • This is my favorite recipe of all time! I’ve made it so much since it came out! I’ve tried variations of meats, but each time is perfect! The Greek yogurt biscuits are also delicious!

    • This recipe is amazing!! I was literally craving sauté gravy & biscuits for the longest time & kept holding back because let’s be real – it isn’t the healthiest / most calorie friendly meal haha. Then, the next day, Mason blessed me with putting this recipe out. It was fate. Lol. So good!! I’ve since shared the recipe with tons of friends & family. It’s all so good! All I had on hand at the time was a plant based “milk” (I think cashew?) & it still came out great!! Also, per personal preference, I cut the amount of brown sugar in half since I like my breakfast sausage a bit more spicy vs sweet. If you haven’t given this recipe a try, you need to!

    • Great recipe, but a little spicy for my hubby and I, and we like spicy! Next time, I will maybe cut back a little on the red pepper flakes and the Cajun spice. Was a nice change though, from regular sausage gravy.

    • GENIUS! Seriously I haven’t had this meal since I was a kid and it is sooooooo nice to be able to incorporate now on a consistent basis and you get so much more! Works with any type of sausage you want and most milks.

      PS. My brother is HOOKED on this.

    • So growing up, my parents NEVER made biscuits and gravy…. yes I was clearly deprived growing up.

      Luckily, my boyfriend grew up eating biscuits and gravy, so he introduced me to it. It’s not uncommon that we’re going to the store Saturday morning to get ingredients to make this. Breakfast is my least favorite meal, I’m a protein bar gal, because I don’t care to do anything else. During the weekends, I crave this! Also because it’s the one meal my boyfriend actually enjoys making. My boyfriends loves some heat, so he definitely approves of this. It’s just the perfect amount for me that I’m not sweating. 😅

      For some reason, I’m not a fan of ground turkey, but in this recipe, you can’t even tell. Depends how we’re feeling, sometimes we’ll make Mason’s biscuits, and sometimes we’ll just buy a can. If you have the time, make Mason’s, obviously much better macros!

    • Cue the song from wicked “Changed For Good” because that’s what you’ll be when you try this recipe. I have never met a better trio than Mason’s chicken sausage, Greek yogurt biscuits, and this gravy (sorry Jonas Brothers). I followed the recipe for all components to a T and I was licking my plate. I’m still working on getting my biscuits to look like his but that just means I get to make and eat more 🤤

    • I made this to pair with the Greek yogurt biscuits and it was really good! It was a little spicy for my wife’s taste buds, so if you don’t like spice you might want to tone down the Cajun seasoning and red pepper.

    • Amazing….just wow…I’ve never had anything like it. I’ve always considered biscuits and gravy to be like “ya ok it’s good but there’s other stuff that’s better.” But noooooo not in this case. I make this healthy gravy and the Greek yogurt biscuits for breakfast, lunch, dinner, leftovers, midnight snacks, extra I could keep going. It’s the perfect amount of spice and the macros are great! I’ve used ground chicken and ground turkey – both delish. I used skim milk most of the time but I did make them once with almond milk (all I had) and it was still incredible. You could slap this gravy on just about anything and your taste buds will be twerkin.

    • I have never made any kind of gravy before using this recipe and it is hands down the best gravy I have ever had! It’s the perfect balance especially on top of the Greek yogurt biscuits! Instead of the swerve brown sugar I just used regular light brown sugar and it turned out perfect! Would recommend. 10/10! Thank you Mason for all of these wonderful recipes!

      • I’m not really a breakfast person, but smother something over a biscuit and I’m there! Very flavorful but somewhat spicy, I didnt mind the spice but my hubby wasn’t a fan. More for me 🤣

    • This along with the greek yogurt biscuit is great, just don’t use vanilla almond milk for the gravy. I made that mistake once because it’s all I had and will now make sure I have regular skim milk on hand each time.

    • Made this for Sunday morning breakfast, exactly as the recipe is written. It is PERFECTION. I honestly liked this more than traditional sausage gravy, I think it had a lot more flavor and even had a nice little kick to it. Next time I might even skip the Cajun seasoning and see how it tastes without it! And of course I made the greek yogurt biscuits to eat with it and they were so incredibly delicious! 12/10 will make this again!

    • Growing up my dad’s special breakfast was making us biscuits and gravy. When I moved out I got the recipe for it and the first time I went to make it I was horrified at how many calories it would add up to for a single serving so never ended up making it but sausage gravy and biscuits was still such comfort homey food to me. When Mason posted the recipe I made it the next day and it was just as good as what my dad made but at half the calories! I omitted the Cajun seasoning because I thought the chicken sausage patties had enough flavor on their own and used unsweetened cashew milk. Not sure if it was because of the cashew milk or my preference on thickness but I ended up adding an extra 15-20 g of all purpose flour to get it to thicken up.

    • I used Isernios brand extra lean chicken sausage (because lazy) and it was the simplest thing to make ever. I added a bit of finely diced mushrooms as well! I ended up putting it over a potato/veggie hash because I love volume eating, and it turned out great!

    • My husband still has no idea that I made B’s and G’s sorta healthy, and I make this weekly (breakfast for dinner, always)! One of our FAVES.

    • Definitely one of my favorite Mason recipes! The spice combination for the chicken sausage is insane, I make a big batch of it to keep in my pantry!

    • We have been making this at least a couple of times a month since we found it. My boyfriend- who is usually not into me turning his southern favorites into healthier meals- loved this! The spice level is perfect for me but probably a tab spicy for someone who can’t have too much.

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