As my way of saying thanks for your continued support of the little blog that could, I’ve put this free cookbook together. Simply enter your email address in the form above and a copy will be sent straight to your inbox.

Here’s a look at what’s inside: 

75 recipes ranging from breakfast and bulk protein prep to snacks and desserts

This free cookbook includes some of my most popular recipes ever like pan fried chicken tenders, low carb KFC Famous Bowls, Wingstop fries, cinnamon roll in a mug, and more!

The cookbook comes as a downloadable PDF with a clickable table of contents for fast travel and an ingredient search function. That means you can find every recipe that uses chicken breast, ground beef, or anything you have on hand. 

Every recipe includes macros, WW SmartPoints, and serving sizes

As you can see in the examples above, protein, carbs, fat, calories, and SmartPoints are grouped with prep time, serving size, and total servings. 

Designed for Printing

This cookbook uses the same design layout I’ve used for past hard copy cookbooks. If you wanted to use a PDF print service, it should be ready to go. Just upload your copy, pick your page size (this is perfect for 8.5×11) and ink type, and have it printed for a hard copy version to keep in your kitchen.