Three Ways to Build a Bigger Bench Press

Three Ways to Build a Bigger Bench Press

This one will be short and sweet. There’s no time to waste when it comes to making gains.

1. Hit the Bench More Often

A wise man once said, “To press a lot you have to press a lot.”

Meaning, there’s a strong correlation between an increase in bench press training frequency and an increase in bench press power and strength.

If you currently train bench press one or even two times per week, adding in an extra training session for speed or accessory work could be beneficial.

Keep in mind, more is not always better. If you catch yourself training bench press 3+ times per week with little to no progress, it’s time to scale back and reassess.

2. Speed is King

Always try to press, no matter the weight, as explosively as possible.

Training your nervous system to be explosive during pushing will improve bench press performance tenfold. A great example would be attempting to tactically break down a door.

Would your approach be to maintain contact with the door and push as hard as possible? Or would it be to either kick, run, or push explosively into the door to break it down?

The latter would undoubtedly produce a greater amount of force, or mass times acceleration, and force is a major component of power.

Be fast, be explosive, and you’ll be more powerful.

3. Always be Improving

Progressive overload, at the end of the day, is all that matters when it comes to a lift like the bench press.

Developing a dominant bench press takes months, years, even decades in the truly elite pressers.

If you are constantly adding weight to the bar, you will develop more power in your pressing.

This is easy in the early stages but when progress slows, and a meager 5-pound increase in an 8-week training cycle counts as a win, that’s where elite pressers are made.

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