Let’s Work Together

I’m here to ask a lot of questions, help you learn and challenge yourself, and maximize your performance as a human being.

If you change nothing, nothing will change.

If you have questions about any of the services below, don’t hesitate to email me at mason@masonfit.com.

Online Training & Nutrition Coaching

Instead of paying $50/session or more for a traditional personal trainer who counts your reps and sends you on your way, you could have one of Arkansas’ premier fitness and nutrition coaches in your corner for a fraction of the cost.

Let’s be honest, working out is the easy part. What’s difficult is staying on track the 165 other hours in a week outside the gym. So while I won’t be there to count your reps, I’ll be in your ear for the other 165 hours in the form of check-ins, calls, texts, and emails. We’ll work together to build strong habits for long-term success and sustainability.

Oh, and not to mention, you’ll get an individualized training program that fits your goals and abilities to make training as enjoyable as possible.

I believe in this service so strongly, that I guarantee your results with a money-back guarantee. To learn more about coaching, click here.

Nutrition Consultations

A one-hour meeting in-person or video chat to determine the best nutrition strategy or diet for your body, preferences, and goals. These meetings aim to educate on macronutrient and calorie levels, food choices and quality analysis, and best practices for sustainable eating and nutrition.

If you’re interested in a nutrition consultation, choose from the options below. Once you’ve completed checkout, I’ll contact you within 24 hours to schedule our meeting and collect preliminary information. If you have questions about consultations, shoot me an email.

Nutrition Consultations

One-Time Consultations are recommended for those with pre-existing knowledge of nutrition and need to fine tune their strategies. If you’re just starting out with nutrition, I would strongly recommend five consultations or coaching options.

Free 14-Day Strength Training at Home Video Course

  •  Daily Workouts & 30+ Videos
  • Daily Nutrition Information & Tips
  • Daily Strategies for Improving Your Health & Quality of Life

You can learn more about the course at masonfit.com/course or enter your info below to get started.

Customized Training and/or Nutrition Programs: Program Only


mason woodruff training and nutrition programs

If you’ve mastered your non-gym time and want to take your training or physique to the next level, a programming update may be the best option for you. As a true student of the strength game, I’ve blended the best things from sports performance, bodybuilding, powerlifting, and yes, even CrossFit to form a unique programming and training style. That’s in my opinion, of course.

Prices for customized programming vary based on the level of detail needed for each individual. For more information or to get a quote, shoot me an email with what you’re looking to accomplish. If your goals match up with my expertise, we’ll make it happen cap’n. And if we’re not a match, I’d be happy to refer you to someone within my network of fitness professionals.