20 Resources for a Healthy, Happy, and Successful 2016

20 Resources for a Healthy, Happy, and Successful 2016

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“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” – Carl Sagan

I’ll spare you a long-winded introduction by simply saying thank you to all of the people/websites on this list. They all have influenced me in one way or another throughout 2015, and I wish them all continued success to infinity and beyond.

James Clear

If you have any interest in building better habits, increasing productivity, or learning about how to improve your life in general, James is your guy. His email newsletter is one of the few I enjoy getting each week.

My favorites: 6 Truths About Exercise That Nobody Wants to Believe or Developing Mental Toughness 


If you have questions about a supplement, Examine.com is your go-to. They compile the research on individual ingredients and supplements in an easy to read list so you’ll know what works and what doesn’t. Check this video out to see how I used Examine to determine the effectiveness of a popular weight loss supplement.

Precision Nutrition Blog

Dr. John Berardi and his team deliver some of the best information in the world on nutrition and healthy eating strategies. Bonus: They now have an audio version of their long-form articles, in case you’re not the most voracious reader.

Jill Coleman

Potentially my favorite woman in the fitness industry, Jill delivers a message I can stand behind 100%. #Moderation365 is the thought that you should never restrict foods or be dogmatic about an exercise style and instead, enjoy everything in moderation. This approach creates a sustainable way of living that I absolutely support and love.


Say what you want about T-Nation as of late, but they continue to produce banger after banger in terms of serious training and nutrition articles. This site is what inspired my journey into the health/fitness industry and certainly my writing career.

Precision Nutrition Recipes

mason woodruff precision nutrition

Enough said.

Bret Contreras

The Glute Guy – or The Glute Doctor after receiving his PhD recently. Bret’s my go-to for the science and research behind training and muscle physiology. Not to mention he’s one of the most genuine, nicest guys in the biz.

Eric Bach – Bach Performance

Eric puts out awesome content, no doubt. But I think my favorite thing about him is his hustle (hate that word) and drive. It seems like the guy writes a new article every single day, stays on top of his social media game, and finds time to train. He motivates me in business and writing, and I know he does the same for his readers.

Great example of his work (s/o to co-author Travis Pollen as well): Common Injury Sites and Clever Workarounds

Alan Aragon Research Review (AARR)

Alan is a registered dietitian, author of The Lean Muscle Diet, and the infamous AARR. For the more scientifically inclined – reading the AARR each month could turn you into a sports nutrition expert in no time, seriously. Bonus: Signing up (only $10/month) gets you access to every issue since 2008 or so.

Anytime Fitness Blog

Bias alert: I’m a monthly contributor. Despite being a gym franchise, Anytime Fitness has a unique approach to fitness. Their slogan, Get to a Healthier Place, epitomizes my style of training and coaching. The AF blog provides real-world, easy to digest information about training, nutrition, and fitness trends that help everyday gym goers get better results, without going overboard.

mason woodruff anytime fitness

Jen Sinkler

Jen is another badass woman in fitness who believes in embracing the current state of your body, training for the sake of training, and not giving a damn about what anybody has to say about it. Her mindset when it comes to living is one that more people could stand to adopt. Bonus: I hardly ever recommend specific training programs or products, but Jen’s Lift Weights Faster programs are works of fitness art.

Tony Gentilcore

Co-founder of the world-renowned Cressey Sports Performance, Tony is an OG in the fitness industry. He has recently parted ways with CSP and will likely be putting out more helpful content than ever on training and sports performance.

Ben Bruno

If you take one thing away, follow Ben Bruno on Instagram. I’m not sure how he does it, but Ben has an uncanny ability to invent exercises using minimal training tools or equipment. Whether you’re a strength coach or a complete beginner, you’ll find value in Ben’s work.

Actually pulled this image from JenSinkler.com.
Actually pulled this image from JenSinkler.com.

Sohee Lee

As a former Stanford grad and CSP intern, you know Sohee has the knowledge part down. I love her approach to using IIFYM (if it fits your macros) to live moderately, and I’m not even an IIFYM’er. She also hosts a great podcast with Dr. Layne Norton, Physique Science Radio.


Jeff Nippard

An underrated name in the fitness industry, Jeff is an extremely intelligent guy when it comes to training, nutrition, and physiology. Jeff is one of the few fitness competitors that I would ever recommend listening to and if I ever got the itch to compete (never ever ever ever happening), he’s one of the few coaches I’d look to for coaching.

Jeff’s YouTube channel is also worth checking out.

Mark Manson

From Mark’s site: “I am an author, blogger and entrepreneur. I write personal development advice that doesn’t suck. Some people say I’m an idiot. Other people say I saved their life. Read on and decide for yourself.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’ve never read a Mark Manson article that didn’t affect me in one way or another.

My favorites: Screw Finding Your Passion or Shut Up and Be Patient

Jason Helmes – Anyman Fitness

Jason is one of the most transparent and relatable fitness writers I know of. Maybe you have noticed me mention his article, “Exposed: Fitness Articles are Fake,” as it is one of my favorite 2015 articles. Writing and great info aside, Jason is an expert when it comes to creating awesome results and has one of the most successful coaching programs I’ve seen to date.

anyman fitness results

Greg Nuckols – Strengtheory

Looking to impress your friends in the gym with your knowledge of exercise physiology? I thought so. Step 1: Read Greg’s articles. (One of my favorites) Sweet Jesus, this guy puts some time and effort into his articles. If you want to take your knowledge of science and training to the next level, Strengtheory.com would be a great place to start.

Strength and Conditioning Research Review

Co-fathered by Bret Contreras, the SCRR is a must-read for any trainer or coach. Combine this with the AARR, and you will soon be ahead of 90% of people working in the fitness industry.

Examine’s Research Digest

The ERD is the icing on the cake in terms of sports nutrition research. If you’re interested in learning how to interpret research and studies for yourself, the ERD is a phenomenal educational tool.

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