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As a MasonFit Monthly Member, you’ll learn everything I have to teach about training and nutrition while hanging out with other like-minded individuals along the way. There won’t be any crazy tactics – just concrete, proven strategies to get in amazing shape for real people with busy lives.

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Low-Calorie & Macro-Friendly Recipes Added Weekly

You’ll find simple, easy to make recipes with short ingredient lists and minimal prep time. If you’re looking for elaborate recipes with rare ingredients, this ain’t the place. You won’t be needing any organic arrowroot powder, pixie dust, or any other ingredient you’ll never use more than once. Making better eating choices is hard enough. I want to bridge the gap between convenience foods and healthier choices.

Exclusive Videos on New Exercises and Technique/Form Walkthroughs to Optimize Your Results from Training

There won’t be any magical “top secret” exercises, but I’ll take you through common mistakes, how to modify exercises for greater (or lesser) difficulty, and how to make training as fun as possible with new variations and challenges. This is the information that I’d teach if we were training together face to face.

New Training Program Every Month & Access to Every Training Program I’ve Ever Created (At-Home & In-Gym Workouts)

You’ll have access to a growing backlog of training programs to choose from, with a new program being added each month. With programs ranging from absolute beginner to advanced powerlifting and strength-focused programs, I’ll be keeping things fresh and exposing you to new ideas and styles of training each month. My goal is to help you find the style of training you enjoy and can stick to for sustainable results. It may be through a mobility or endurance training program, or you may find success with a more traditional 4 days/week bodybuilding split.

Post Questions, Share Ideas, Ask Questions in Live Q&A Sessions, and Connect with Others in the Private Members Only Facebook Group

All the information in the world is only as great as your execution. Find accountability through interacting with a supportive community with similar goals. We’ll have monthly competitions and challenges, Facebook Live sessions, and get jacked and tan together.

This Is as Close as It Gets to One-On-One Coaching, at a Fraction of the Cost

Get started below. There are no contracts or long-term commitments, no hidden fees, or any funny business. I look forward to working together!