How the Scale Can Hurt Your Fat Loss Progress

How the Scale Can Hurt Your Fat Loss Progress

If you missed part one on getting your fitness groove back and starting a fat loss diet, read it here.

Welp, I had my second assessment this morning. I was a bit reluctant and almost asked for another day because I felt super bloated. This could have something to do with eating a quest bar and taco soup (good ol’ fiber bloat) each of the past four days. But whatever, I bucked up and went through with it.

In the first assessment, for reference, I lost roughly ten pounds and two percent body fat. Not bad for one month, eh?

Today, however, the scale told me I gained a pound of body weight. What’s interesting about this assessment is my body fat, which dropped another percent. Based on my other stats, this equates to a three-pound change in lean body mass over the past month. And more importantly, a 10+ pound change in fat mass (more muscle, less body fat) since I began.

This is why you see fitness professionals ranting about the importance of not using the scale as your end all be all for weight loss success. The body is a weird thing, and if you’re training hard there are even weirder things that may occur. Changes to body composition (fat vs muscle tissue, bones, and organs) can make drastic differences to your appearance and visual look.

To further emphasize this point – losing body fat while maintaining or gaining weight should be nearly EVERY person’s goal. This means you’ll look better, feel better, maintain mobility as you age, and be able to eat more food. 🙂

So, if you’re on a fat loss journey and you haven’t taken measurements, body fat, or before photos, I’d highly encourage you to do them now. Don’t feel like you missed the boat, get them now. It will save you a ton of discouragement and banging your head against a wall when progress slows or seems to regress.

Full disclosure: My second month on this fat loss phase has been lackluster, to say the least. The eating has been “okay” but stress and a minor injury have kept me away from the gym as much as I would have liked. A stall in our regular grocery store runs and not having food in the house led to a Pizza Hut order and a few subpar takeout choices. This is going to happen. The key is to stay optimistic, be grateful for any positive results, and get back on track as fast as possible. Keep the momentum going at all costs!

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