Kitchen Tools for the Macro Friendly Chef

Kitchen Tools for the Macro Friendly Chef

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These are the kitchen tools I use on a daily basis. Some are necessary and some are recommended for convenience and efficiency. You should know there are much higher end products and tools available, but these get the job done for the recipes on my blog and everything else I prepare. Everything I mention and link to below is in my kitchen as you’ll see in most recipe posts.

As a disclaimer, the links are Amazon affiliate links, meaning they’ll give the little blog that could a few shekels for anything you purchase. Running a blog is expensive, so I really appreciate the support!

In addition to product recommendations, I’ve included a few recipes or articles. Every link will open in a new tab so don’t worry about losing your place. You know I gotchu!

Muffin Tin – Get It Here

In terms of preparing foods in bulk, a muffin tin ranks second only to the crock pot. I use the muffin tin to make dishes like the protein breakfast bombs, pumpkin banana protein bread, and protein pizza cups.

best baking tin

Crock Pot – Get It Here

As I mentioned above, this kitchen tool is unrivaled when it comes to preparing meals in bulk with minimal effort. If you haven’t seen the article about making 10+ meals with one crock pot recipe, check it out to get an idea of how valuable a crock pot can be for your nutrition regimen.

NutriBullet – Get It Here

If you’re looking for a hybrid tool that can make single-serving smoothies and double as a food processor, the NutriBullet makes a lot of sense. The easy-to-clean cups are nice, and each unit comes with a few so you’re rarely stuck with a dirty cup.

how to make cauliflower mashed potatoes at home

Baking Sheet – Get It Here

It’s necessary. Personally, I’m almost always using parchment paper or aluminum foil with my baking sheets and don’t think there’s any reason to overspend here.

Pre-Cut Parchment Paper – Get It Here

I value convenience and time over the additional cost with products like this. Never again will I wrestle parchment paper boxes to get an uneven piece that rolls up and floats away before I can use it.

Food Processor – Get It Here

If you’re going to be blending or processing larger quantities – or more aggressive foods – a dedicated food processor is a good investment. I use it for making doughs, oat flour, protein ice cream and protein fluffs, and the blueberry protein pie filling (pictured below).

how to make your own pie filling


Mixing Bowls – Get It Here

Being a bit frugal, I used Tupperware, mugs, cups, tiny bowls, and anything else not named mixing bowl for years. I can’t tell you how wrong I was thinking I didn’t need a larger mixing bowl.

best mixing bowl

Pans – Get It Here

A good pan will change your life in the kitchen. I’ve had several semi-high-end pans over the years and don’t get me wrong, they were great. But all great things come to an end, and these pans eventually wore down and needed to be replaced.

I’m sure I’ll be chastised by the cooking community for this, but I would rather buy a good pan and replace it as needed. For the beginning of their lives, I can’t tell the difference between an elite pan and a good pan. The pans I have linked above are good pans, and they’re dirt cheap. The only downside is they don’t have lids, so you may want to consider buying a stand-alone pan with a steaming lid.

best frying pan

Tupperware – Get It Here

This is kind of a duh suggestion, but I’ve been through a lot of different Tupperware products over the years. The set I’ve linked to is the first I’ve ever had that didn’t get tossed a month or two into it because of warped lids or funk. That being said, if you wanted to spend a bit more and get a good set of glass Tupperware, I would pull the trigger.

Donut Pan – Get It Here

Just look at the picture below and tell me you don’t want to make donuts with 90 calories and 10+ grams of protein. Go order a donut pan, man. And when you do, make yourself some double chocolate and pumpkin spice protein donuts to celebrate.

chocolate protein donut recipe

Food Scale – Get It Here

If you’re making any of my recipes, you’ve noticed that I use a lot of gram or mL measurements. In my opinion, weighing ingredients as opposed to measuring cups and spoons is faster and more accurate. Not to mention, there’s less clean up. And if you’re going to track your nutrition to find your metabolic rate like I suggest in Nutrition Made Easy, it’s going to be a necessity.

Like everything else, you don’t need anything crazy fancy here. I’ve linked to the same scale I use, and it’s around $12.

best food scale

Knives – Get It Here

Similar to my mixing bowl story, you’d be surprised what I’ve cut into with a butter knife. Don’t be like me, get a good set of knives.

best knives

Measuring Cups and Spoons – Get It Here

The caveat to food scale measuring and not going super high-end with the scale is that it can have trouble registering tiny measurements. Many times, my scale won’t log anything until it reaches 5g. If you’re wanting to measure 1 tsp of something in grams, you may have a tough time. As for measuring cups, I admit it’s sometimes easier to scale a recipe by cups than grams (less math).

best measuring spoons

Mrs. Dash – Get It Here

Great flavor adds with zero sodium. Not that you should care all that much about sodium (like I talked about in this article), but it can’t hurt to minimize it when possible.

Cutting Board – Get It Here

Really just including this to show off my state pride. And I guess it’s necessary if you’re into not ruining your countertops, too.

arkansas cutting board

Okay, I’m sure I’m forgetting something but I’ll be sure to update as I come across other helpful kitchen tools. Once you’re fully equipped are ready to get cookin’ check out the recipes page for my most recent recipes.

And like the French say, bone apple tea. 😉

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