Online Strength & Nutrition Coaching

Online Strength & Nutrition Coaching

Thanks for your interest in working together. You can find all the details about daily nutrition coaching and customized workouts at the bottom of this page, but I’d like to start off with a few details about coaching.

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My coaching services are 100% online, which may be different but bear with me. You see, I’ve worked for years as an in-person trainer and have some of the best certifications/qualifications in the world for coaching in-person. Over time, however, I found that my clients with the best results were being coached online. Weird, right?

The primary reason for the difference, in my opinion, is the shift in focus from training to nutrition and lifestyle. My in-person clients (not all) rock their 2-3 workouts per week but struggle in the other 165+ hours of the week, despite my best efforts to coach them all the same. My online clients, on the other hand, emphasize the 165+ hours and complete their assigned workouts (usually 3-5 per week), too.

Now, I’m not saying training and workouts aren’t important because they are. I’m just saying that workouts and exercise alone rarely produce the results we’re after. So, that’s why I deliver my coaching via the internet machine. This way allows me to provide constant feedback (usually daily) in one form or another. Very few of us need the world’s perfect diet or program, we need to find something we enjoy and be held accountable to it until it sticks.

Speaking of Results, Meet a Few of My Clients

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“Genuine excitement because I just turned ina  new all-time low weight to my nutrition coach @mason_woodruff AND this is the first time in my life I’ve EVER seen abs!” – Emily @em_gingerlifts

mason woodruff little rock nutrition coaching and personal trainer testimonial
“With Mason’s help, I have managed to successfully lose and keep off just shy of 20 pounds.”

mason woodruff coaching testimonial review

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What’s Included with Coaching?

  • coaching 100% unique to you
  • custom training and exercise programming with comprehensive video tutorials and guides (you’ll never find yourself wondering what you should be doing)
  • accountability via weekly check-ins, monthly calls, and sometimes — daily engagement
  • 24/7 question and support access
  • a guaranteed route to success

I believe in MF Coaching so much that I offer a refund if we don’t achieve your desired results working together. If you work with me for six months or more, and we don’t put a serious dent in the goals we’ve been working towards, I’ve failed you. As long as you’re giving me your all there’s no way we fall short of your goals.

Let’s do this together. If you’re ready to get started, fill out the form below and I’ll take it from there. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here.