Black Bean Pizza Crust and 214-Calorie Mini Mexican Pizzas

Black Bean Pizza Crust and 214-Calorie Mini Mexican Pizzas

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If you’re a fan of Mexican pizza or any type of southwest-style flatbread, you’ll love this black bean pizza crust recipe. With only three ingredients, it’s incredibly easy to make and tastes great. Not to mention, each mini pizza crust has 8 grams of protein and only 105 calories.

After making hash brown breakfast taco shells, I set out to see what other foods could be morphed into tortillas, chips, or in this case, pizza crust. Admittedly, this black bean pizza crust began as another taco shell attempt. But after a few tries with a full puree and even mixing with both corn and almond flour, I found that a crispy shell with this combo turned out extremely dry.

So, when life gives you dry taco shells, make perfect black bean pizza crust.

Recipe and Ingredient Notes

The recipe below covers just about everything you need to know, but I’ll briefly touch on a few modification questions.

First and foremost, you don’t want to have a full black bean puree for your crust. You should have black bean chunks remaining in your crust. In the image below, you can see nearly whole beans intact in certain areas.

You only need to mash the beans enough to bind to the cheese and egg whites. A fork should do the job just fine, but you may have to work at it for a minute or two.

In terms of calorie and macronutrient modifications, you could reduce the carb and calorie content by removing the pan roasted corn and mildly seasoning your taco meat instead of using a pre-packaged seasoning.

And for the cheese, you could swap mozzarella for cheddar or any other cheese you’d like. The macros are with fat-free mozzarella but if you have trouble finding it, switching to a 2% or full-fat would only add 50-100 calories to the total recipe since you’re only using 1/2 a cup.

Outside of those things, feel free to modify the toppings however you’d like. Fresh salsa and sliced avocado or guacamole would work well. Have fun!

Black Bean Pizza Crust Recipe

Below you’ll find the recipe graphic that I originally designed for Stronger U members. Stronger U is a nutrition coaching company that I’ve partnered with to develop food-related content and recipes for their members. They’ve helped more than 10,000 people lose over 100,000 pounds at this point, and I recommend checking them out here if you have any interest in nutrition coaching.

And be sure to follow them on Instagram for more recipe graphics like the mini Mexican pizzas on a black bean pizza crust below.

mexican pizza with black bean pizza crust

If you try this black bean pizza crust or the mini Mexican pizzas, be sure to tag me in your re-creation on Instagram. I love seeing recipes in action, and I’ll be sure to share it with everyone!

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A lower calorie black bean pizza crust that's perfect for Mexican pizza or southwest-style flatbreads. With only 3 ingredients and 105 calories per mini pizza crust, this may become a new staple in your diet.

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