Advocare Spark Review and How to Make Your Own

Advocare Spark Review and How to Make Your Own

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This supplement review of Advocare Spark will be a bit different than others since Spark is marketed as an energy and mental focus enhancer instead of a fat loss or muscle gain supplement. There are zero claims about this product producing unrealistic results or rapid transformations, which I love. I do shed light on the dosages in Spark compared to what’s supported by the research, but this review will primarily look at the cost efficiency and compare the savings of sourcing ingredients individually.

Similar to the Plexus Slim and ItWorks ThermoFit reviews, I used for dosage and scientific literature reviews.

Okay, here’s the video review. I’ll sum up the cost and individual ingredients below.

Efficacious Dose Analysis

review of advocare spark ingredients

As you can see, two of the five primary ingredients hit at least the lower threshold for an efficacious dose. That’s somewhat rare for supplements, unfortunately. Still, being on the lower end of what’s been shown to be effective may not be ideal if you’re a larger individual or have built up a tolerance to these nutrients.

Cost Analysis

review of advocare spark ingredients

Looking at the bottom three rows, you can see that sourcing the ingredients individually is around 7-8 times cheaper than buying the ingredients premixed. Not included in this list is caffeine, which comes in a 120mg dose in Spark. You could have a large cup of coffee to replace caffeine, if you’d like. Or you could supplement with caffeine as an individual ingredient as well.

Buying Individual Nutrients

Below you’ll find the ingredients below the fold and a link to the product I used in the cost analysis. Instead of going into the details about each ingredient, I’ll give you the abbreviated version and allow you to dive deeper on each. In the doses you’ll be taking, these ingredients will primarily serve as cognitive enhancers and neuroprotectants through their interactions with neurotransmitters. While their potential benefits extend beyond that, this is likely the best and most effective use for each.

A quick note on L-Carnitine, which is frequently used in fat loss supplements and has been touted for a long time to be a fat loss enhancer. For starters, you’ll need a much larger dose than the 10mg Spark contains. And even with a larger dose, the scientific evidence doesn’t support the claims for enhanced fat loss, despite the fact that it should theoretically work.


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That’s it! I hope you enjoyed the review. If you’d like to see me cover another product or supplement, shoot me an email or Facebook message.

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